Jack asked about shikamaru in the writing meme (Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them) and accidentally i replied to him personally instead of publicly so here is what i wrote! 

ahh Shikamaru

I feel like a lot of time he’s reduced to “unstoppable genius” or “shitty woman-hater” and that’s really reductive. pre-timeskip Shikamaru is only kind of one of these things and post timeskip Shikamaru is neither. 

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If other shinigami became visored…


As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

Let’s say that some of the other shinigami in Bleach became visored. What would their mask look like?

1. Gin

Gin’s mask is circular and white, blank except for two narrow slits for the eyes. Oh, and a big, empty grin.


2. Kira

Kira has a birdlike iron executioner’s mask, just like landofshame says.



Kira: I hate my life.

3. Matsumoto

Matsumoto’s mask has heavily outlined, catlike eyes and a snarling mouth with some very sharp teeth.

Matsumoto: Captain, I need to go shopping!

Matsumoto: I have nothing that matches this!

4. Byakuya

Byakuya’s mask is vaguely petal shaped, with a full half circle over his forehead, narrowing down to a gentle point at his chin. When he first masks, it is pure white, but as he gets stronger, pink petal-designs start to appear.

Ichigo: Oooh, an evolving mask just like mine??

Ichigo: I’m gonna make us T-shirts!

Byakuya: Not that again.

5. Komamura

Komamura’s mask is bucket-shaped.

Komamura: So that must be why my bucket helmet felt so right.

6. Rukia

Rukia’s mask is pure white, with a single ribbon tied to the top which comes down along the side of her face. It shimmers slightly, as though it is made of ice.

Rukia: It has been declared the most beautiful mask in Soul Society!

Rukia: I assume.

7. Hisagi

Hisagi has a demon mask, of course.

Hisagi: Maaan, why are my powers always scary?

8. Renji

Renji’s mask is reminiscent of a baboon, with close set eyes and a ferocious looking snout.

Renji: Zabimaru’s gonna be mad that my inner hollow is ripping off his design.

9. Ukitake

Ukitake’s mask is a mirrored oval. Just, mirrored. It is unclear how he sees.

Ukitake: Answer: with great difficulty!

10. Kyoraku

Kyoraku’s mask is pure, inky black, except for the eyes, which are outlined in red. Let’s just say you don’t want him coming out of the shadows at you.

Kyoraku: Wow.

Kyoraku: Totally not showing this to Nanao-chan!


how to get out of rehearsal:


go to rehearsal you piece of trash


As I’d promised earlier and was requested recently, here’s the sci-fi character generator! There aren’t quite as many options as my original huge generator, but you’re much more likely to get a reasonable character from this one, though I’m sure there are still some odd combos in here.

To play: click and drag each gif to get your randomized character. For things like accessories and extras, you can do more than one if you want. If you’re on mobile or dragging isn’t working for any reason, you can screenshot the whole thing instead.

Oh yeah if you decide to make anything with this, it would be cool if you tag it with ‘characterdesigninspiration’ so I can check it out!


redraws are hard